Getting taste buds tingling for Rumero restaurant


Apr 2020


6 Weeks

Rumero was a concept restaurant due to launch in Spring 2020 and required a fresh and elegant website design that helped share their love of food, cocktails and service, and excited users to visit the restaurant.

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Our unique and luxurious design led users through a simple journey of discovery, finding out more about the current menus, staff backgrounds and inspired cocktails all whilst giving the impression of premium service and quality food. We also supported them in their digital marketing strategies to gather as much interest before launch as possible.

Sadly, Rumero turned into a dream rather than reality. With Covid-19 hitting the UK in March 2020 the idea was put on pause and then sadly dropped for the foreseeable future. It was our pleasure to support the team in their vision, and we hope Rumero or another vision can be brought to life in the future.

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