Iteration of Man

Redefining AI-Driven Menswear Product


June 2022


1 month


In production

Lobo Creative collaborated with Iteration of Man, a high-end menswear brand specialising in AI-driven custom-fit clothing, to revamp their ecommerce website into a visually engaging, user-friendly platform. Utilising best practices in website design and user experience, Lobo repositioned ITOM as a leading luxury clothing provider to drive increased engagement and secure further investment.

The Problem

The initial version of Iteration of Man’s ecommerce website faced various user experience (UX) issues and lacked an effective presentation of their unique product offerings. The website’s design and functionality gave a negative impression of the brand, hindering customer attraction and retention. Furthermore, it failed to showcase the unique value proposition of AI-driven custom-fit clothing, which was vital to standing out in the competitive luxury menswear market. The site’s limited adaptability to the brand’s growing product range and user base exacerbated these issues.

Additionally, the site’s overall visual presentation did not align with the premium expectations of luxury shoppers. The outdated design and lack of refinement diminished visitors’ trust in the brand’s quality and commitment to excellence, costing the brand potential customers and growth opportunities.


The Solution

Lobo Creative conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing website and worked closely with Iteration of Man to pinpoint the crucial areas for improvement. By redesigning the website with UX best practices and luxury user interface (UI), Lobo positioned Iteration of Man as a top luxury clothing ecommerce provider.

Initially, our team structured the website’s architecture to ensure a seamless and intuitive user journey. We streamlined the process of providing measurements and style preferences by defining clear user goals and objectives. We also implemented a more engaging and interactive interface, enabling users to visualise the customisation process and the final product effectively.

Secondly, we overhauled the visual design, incorporating the brand’s new elements, palettes, and UI style desires to establish a sophisticated and elegant online presence. The updated design successfully communicated the brand’s commitment to quality and attention to detail, distinguishing it from competitors in the luxury menswear market.

Lastly, we ensured the new website could adapt and grow with the brand, allowing Iteration of Man to easily add new products, features, and functionality as needed. This flexibility ensured the website remained relevant and engaging for users while also enabling the brand to scale its operations efficiently.

The Impact

Iteration of Man now boasts an elegant and luxurious website with clear user pathways and a prominent display of their product offerings. The new design effectively showcases the brand’s unique selling points, such as AI-driven customisation and expert craftsmanship, appealing to customers and investors alike. The refined user experience and sophisticated design have led to increased engagement, with more visitors completing the customisation process and purchase paths.

With a revitalised online presence, the brand is seeking additional investment to further expand its offerings and market reach.

By addressing the critical UX and design issues that plagued the original website, Lobo have helped Iteration of Man establish a strong foundation for future growth and success in the competitive luxury menswear market. The new website not only delivers a premium online shopping experience but also effectively promotes the innovative use of AI technology and ecommerce web design in the luxury clothing sector.

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