Bubba & Me

Elegant and attractive eCommerce website for baby and parents store

The brand new parent community and online (soon to be physical) store Bubba & Me, required a brand identity and e-commerce website to help them launch across the UK.

Bubba & Me is first and foremost a community for parents to connect, share and learn about the trials, joys and intricacies of pregnancy and early childhood. Working directly with Bubba & Me’s founder, Georgia Knight, we workshopped, concepted and developed an elegant and personal brand identity that would lead the company forward. This identity led the design styling for multiple marketing materials and a new e-commerce website. The design style is soft, simple and utilises natural elements in it’s iconography that echoes throughout all Bubba & Me’s communications, and the website, built of Squarespace, leads customers through a peaceful and inspiring journey as they connect, learn and purchase products.

“From start to finish I could see that Lobo’s heart for my brand. That translated in to all areas of the work they were producing for Bubba & Me and helped created a personal and elegant brand, and a perfect website to house our products and support community engagement.”

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