October 1, 2019

Understanding the need for customisation in web design

When it comes to your web design, it’s a good idea to spend some time personalising it. Customisation in web design can play a huge role in the way you interact with your customers as well as the impression your business makes. Many businesses wrongfully assume that the web design doesn’t impact customers, but it really does. It’s your online shop front.

When you add lack of customisation to the mix, you end up with a platform that is difficult to use, uninspiring and dull. A pre-made template might end up saving you time and money, but it ends up getting lost in the ranks of other websites. A custom designed website will give you a greater ROI rate and the ability to tailor your brand to your audiences giving greater long term benefits.

However, ROI is not the only reason why customisation in web design is necessary. The following are some major points which highlight the importance of customisation.

Visually appealing

The aesthetics of your design play a bigger role in the overall look of your website. An aesthetically pleasing website will help your users engage more with your products or services and yield greater response rates. It also makes it easier for you to grab the attention of your desired target market. For new users who visit your website out of curiosity, the more visually appealing your website is, the longer they will stay on the page. This, in turn, increases your chances for having returning visitors to the site.

Be user-friendly

Having a custom website gives you the ability to tailor a more user-friendly experience allowing you to be more inclusive. Many mobile users find that certain websites are still not accessible on their smartphones or their tablets without losing certain areas in translation. With a custom design, you get to include the most user-friendly features that make navigation a breeze on any device. While it might cost you more and take more time to build a user-friendly design, the engagement it brings will be worth it.

More profitable

Many businesses end up with a rather short-sighted approach to their web design. They want to spend the least amount of money to get the best results. This approach does not work. You get what you pay for. For this reason, you need to make sure that you are willing to assign a healthy budget to the website in the beginning. We recommend at least £5,000 to get you started, more for an e-commerce website. The bigger the budget the greater the site design and interactivity, the higher the ROI allowing you to recoup the amount you spent. Think of it as a long term investment and like most investments, the larger the amount you invest, the better the payout will be.

At the end of the day, being smart about customisation allows you to have a website design which generates a higher number of leads, provides a tailored experience for you audiences and leads to increased engagement, conversions and sales. Don’t skimp on this. This is the primary point for many customers on whether they trust you or not.

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