May 23, 2020

Something has changed here at Lobo

Gosh! It’s an interesting time of life, hey! A weird moment that will stay present in our minds for a very long time. A world forced to slow down, take stock and recalibrate.

Here at Lobo, we too have slowed down. It’s certainly not been business as usual for us. We’ve had a change up in staff working hours, obviously we’re all working from home, and we’ve been taking advantage of having a quieter spell of work to both spend more time with our families (in our household) but also rethink and shape what we know to be Lobo.

Since conception, Lobo has been a Creative Agency. What that meant was we supported businesses with the marketing and outward representation of their brand be it online, offline or creating strategies to reach wider communities. We’ve had great fun getting to know new people and companies to support them in making more of an impact by branding or rebranding them to set the right perception of their business, or strategising and implementing marketing activities to engage customers. We’ve shared some amazing successes, but, after a time of soul searching, we’ve decided to move full steam ahead with our greatest of strengths and services. “What’s that?” I hear you ask. Well… drum roll please…. our main focus will now be, Digital Design! 

Our knowledge, skill and ability to plan and create websites, apps and user interfaces that perfectly blend UX and style has brought us both the most joy and our clients the most success. So, we’re decided. It’s time to specialise and be true to who we are. We are Lobo, a Digital Design Agency. 

We have come to this conclusion after a good time of reflection and experience in the industry. A guiding feature of this change has been our privilege to work alongside some amazing agency partners to service clients and not just go at things alone. We’ve found that working with others who provide specialist services for brands always sees a greater outcome than working as a single unit. Here are a couple of wonderful companies we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with over the past year:

We give our heart and soul to each and every project. Above all else it’s important that our clients get the best service wherever possible and we’ve come to realise that partnering with others allows us to do that. 

So, to avoid overlap amongst partners and put our best foot forward, we are leading with Digital Design as our main offering. What that means is we support businesses with web design, app design or user interface design that inspires and engages customers to make a purchase and connect with your business.

Not only is our service offering changing but so is our brand (not our logo). As I mentioned, we give our all in our projects. Not only because we love what we do, but our aim is to bring happiness into this world with easy and exciting digital user experiences. Our focus is and has always been on the customer. As we know, happy customers make for happier businesses. 

Providing a great digital experience is what turns a one off customer into a returning and loyal customer for your brand. The more smiles you can give during that experience, the more loyalty you build. So our aim is to “Create Happy” for each customer that interacts with our clients, so they can become walking, talking advocates for your business. 

To hear more about what’s changed and to keep up to date with what Lobo are getting up to, we’d love for you to engage with us on LinkedIn and join our conversation about making the world a little bit happier day by day. 

So come on, let’s create happy.

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