November 13, 2019

We’re members of the Silicon South Network

We’re very excited to be a part of the Silicon South Network. We have such a heart for Dorset (especially Wimborne where we’re based) and looking forward to a new year ahead as we see new events pop up across the county and see growth within the creative economy across Dorset with Silicon South at its helm.

The network has been built with three goals in mind:

  • Build the reputation of the region’s sector, maximise the appeal of working for the companies in it – and attract people and business to locate here;
  • Strengthen the interest of potential customers in the services and products offered by businesses in our Network;
  • Improve the capability of local businesses to manage ever-evolving demands and opportunities, and deliver financially-sustainable, imaginative and innovative solutions;

Their ambition is to raise the reputation of the sector to a level that is nationally recognised, e.g. on par with Bristol, Manchester, Cardiff, etc.

If you’d like to keep up to date with everything kicking off at the SiSo Network head over to where you can find the latest news and stories, social media channels, a searchable database and map of members, jobs board and more.

We’re excited for what the future holds. Come and join us and SiSo on this journey.

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