July 11, 2019

How does your web design affect your customers?

Almost every business has an online website. In fact, there are far more businesses online than there are brick-and-mortar ones. The use of websites has been a game changer for many industries. However, there is also an issue — not every business pays attention to the quality of their web design and layout.

There’s an old adage that goes something like, “If you build it, they will come.” This is the approach that many businesses have towards their websites too — If they build it, the customers will come. While that might have been the case a decade or so ago, current customers are bit smarter than that and have a far greater number of arenas to visit that look better and have better experiences.

As the online marketplace has become more saturated, there has been a bigger emphasis on customer interaction and user experience. If you’re wondering what your competitors are doing to get ahead in this area, all you have to do is focus on one single aspect – your web design.

First impressions

Around 99% of visitors to your website do so out of curiosity. They’re simply interested to see what kind of services, products or business you are offering. They are brought in from a social ad, flyer drop, email, or another form of capture along your customer journey map. If someone lands from an intriguing capture but then greeted with a poor digital representation of your business they will make immediate assumptions, often negative.

Poorly made websites are not only judged for being outdated, but they are also looked upon as a reflection of the business as well. The general consensus in this scenario is that if the website is awful, the services will be equally or more awful.

Shows your age

Having an outdated web design and layout is also an indication of the age of your business. A modern design is not only more appealing, but it also ensures that the major focus is on keeping the products and services relevant to the present day. It’s a good idea to update your website as the years go by. Your design might have been the most modern one in 2009, but it’s been 10 years now, and it’s definitely outmoded.

Additionally, customers can also read between the lines and make a lot of assumptions here. They’re not going to think your website is not updated because you were busy with work. They’ll think you just don’t care about your audience.

Are you a professional?

Your web design also reflects the level of professionalism you exhibit. This usually needs to be determined right from the start. That’s the main reason why many businesses have their testimonials, accreditations and badges visible immediately. It’s a good idea to design your home page in such a manner as well; to boost the confidence of those visiting you.

As clear as a looking glass

When it comes to your interface, users want a website that embodies transparency and clarity. In this case, the layout should be easy enough for them to browse through and get to any page they want simply. A complicated layout is not only more annoying, but it can also drive away your customers as well. Having to pay attention to a website journey is not something customers want to do, they want hand holding without knowing they are being hand held (not sure if that’s the right phrase, but you get it).

At the end of the day, make sure you are investing sufficient time and energy into your web design and layout. Without it, you won’t be able to achieve the goals you hope to. Please don’t be just another run down store on the web, it drives us mad. Be alive! Give excitement or peace to you customers and have a website that helps them, not simply built to be.

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